· Keys to Hitting Up Alumni
July 17th, 2012

Keys to Hitting Up Alumni

Alumni are a huge resource for all of us. Not only do we have access to alumni networks through our high schools and colleges, but we most of us also have access to black alumni networks in our region (and anybody in a black greek lettered org has even more resources). However, communicating with alums can be tricky. I know I’ve always found it hard to find the balance between being professional and being approachable. So I thought I’d get some tips from one of my besties, Rana, who interns for Career Services at Princeton and share them with everybody. Here are some do’s and dont’s…

DO Tell the alum about your interests and your future career plans.

DO Let them know how you are connected ie. tell them you went to the same high school, email college alum through your college email address, say which black alumni network you are connected to.

DO NOT approach the alum asking for a job and don’t send them a resume.

DO ask them for information about their position and how they have achieved their success in that area.

DO feel free to ask the alumni to communicate with you further or to let you know about other individuals who would be beneficial to speak to.

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